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A+C Media is a Shopify Partners development firm. We've chosen to focus solely on developing custom Shopify stores so we can provide the best eCommerce solutions for our clients around the world.


What We've Done So Far

  • 64%success rate
  • 30+stores
  • 14countries
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Why Work with Us?

  • Certified Shopify Partner

    A+C Media is a certified Shopify Partners development firm focused on creating custom eCommerce stores for our clients worldwide.

  • Fast Shipping

    With 3+ years of experience building custom Shopify stores, we've developed a way of creating custom Shopify stores efficiently without jeopardizing quality.

  • For Sellers, By Sellers

    We don't just build custom Shopify stores, most of us are Shopify store owners too! That's why we understand your needs as store owners who want to sell online.

How We Can Help

Online Store Setup

Online Store Setup

Regular price $100.00

In-Store POS Setup

In-Store POS Setup

Regular price $100.00


How Much Will It Cost Us to Hire A+C Media to Set Up Our Store?

Our Online & In-Store Setup services start at US$100 per store. The final service fee will be determined after we discuss your needs and requirements for your store.

How Long Will It Take A+C Media to Build My Shopify Store?

A basic Shopify store with a few customization can be built within 7 working days. The development time of your store will be determined by your store's requirements and how fast you can produce the information that we will need from you.

What Information Do I Need to Provide to Get Started?

In order for us to build your Shopify store, we will require you to fill up our Client On-Boarding form and produce a list of your products. If we need more information from you, rest assured that we will let you know ahead of time so it won't affect your store's development time.

How Do You Select Your Clients?

We prefer to build meaningful professional relationships with our clients. Most of our clients became our friends!

We only work with clients who:

• See our services as an important long-term investment for their business.
• Are willing to invest time, money, and effort in building a successful online store.
• Understand that success depends on their willingness to succeed.
• Trust our insights and experience and can receive and accept suggestions from us.

Our Offices

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